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LADAKH is a land of high passes on the borderland of India & Tibet. Ladakh is also known as ‘The Land of the Mystic Lamas’, ‘The Broken Moon land’, or ‘The Last Shangri-La’. It is also known as ‘Little Tibet’ because of the cultural & geographical similarities with Tibet.

At various times in the past Ladakh has been politically part of western Tibet and this influence is still prominent today throughout most of the region.

Ladakh comprises three main regions. The first is Leh & Upper Indus Valley. This is the cultural heartland of Ladakh where many monasteries and palaces reflect the deep Buddhist heritage of the region. Leh has been the center of Tibetan-Buddhist culture since ages. The Zanskar Valley is the second region. It’s a comparatively isolated valley to the south of Indus Valley and its high culture is also Buddhism. The third main region of Ladakh includes Kargil & Suru Valley, west of Leh down the Indus Valley. It supports an Islamic culture that can be traced back to the 15th century.


Ladakh has also been known for some of its best hiking locale in the country. Trekking in Ladakh is very different from hiking in the west as the trails are the lifeline between villages. Its a high altitude desert plateau, which is situated between 2500 & 5000 mts. of altitude, the highest summit reaching over 7000 mts., which would be a delight for the trekkers.


Ladakh’s colorful Gompas have attracted people from all over the globe. Ladakh is one of the most rugged regions of the entire Himalayan range and is often referred to as a Trans-Himalayan zone because of its position between the Great Himalayan Range and the vast Tibetan plateau.

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LADAKH is the highest, most remote and least populated region in the whole country. It has become a popular destination for aficionados of wild mountains and unique culture.